• Motor vehicle registration and lines                            
  • Federal and state tax liens
  • Judgments

Mystery Shopping

  • Background Verification  
  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  • Adultery/Divorce Investigation   
  • Corporate-Espionage

To marry someone is a lifelong commitment and the most important and almost an irreversible decision. In the era of online marriage, it becomes even more critical to find out few things before getting into a lifelong commitment. Hence it becomes extremely important that one should perform some basic check before marriage.
We undertake the investigations pertaining to all the major aspects of an individual's past as well as the present life. We also assure you of complete secrecy of your personal information and accurate results of your problems. We understand that as it is a very sensitive matter, it needs to be handled with utmost care and confidentiality
We have a dedicated team for matrimonial investigation. They are highly experienced and well equipped to undertake the assignment confidentially and wisely. We have devised a special package which covers the following aspects

  • Character Verification 
  • Behaviour 
  • Family Background 
  • Business Reputation
  • Earlier Marriage

Market Survey

Over the last 10 years, Reality has successfully conducted some of the most complex asset searches in Kolkata. Asset search investigations involve a nationwide search of public records to locate personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. These searches will uncover value and any potential liabilities that may be tied to the property.
Only an asset investigation conducted by a quality private investigation Organisation can find out whether a business or person is using a fictitious business name or hiding assets, or has multiple judgments or a track record of fraud against them. The elaborate proof full report can not only help you in court but can also give you the information and facts that you need to do everyday business.
Does anyone owe you money? Are you in a business transaction where someone may owe you money soon? Asset searches make sure the borrowing party has the necessary assets to ensure you will be paid in full. Asset investigations occur daily to help individuals and companies satisfy their due diligence, settle personal injury cases, collect a debt, hire the right employee, and verify financial statements during a divorce or child support case.
Common Reasons for Asset Checks

  • Personal Injury Cases                                          
  • Motor Vehicle Cases                                              
  • Business Due Diligence Compliance

Asset investigations (a.k.a. Asset Search, Asset Check) involve a nationwide search of public records to locate personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. These searches will uncover value and any potential liabilities the may be tied to the property.

How Does an Asset Investigation Work?

Asset investigations can be completed in a number of ways, all focusing on piecing together the puzzle of an individual or company's financial puzzle. Depending on why you need an asset check, the investigation can include a basic background check, a computer investigation, surveillance work, or a financial or business background check. Asset investigations basically work by uncovering exactly what sorts of collectable assets someone has. Whether you're investigating a business or individual, an asset investigator will determine how likely you are to get money in a court case. An asset investigation can also tell you how to secure someone's assets are - before you trust a company or individual with your business.

Only an asset investigation conducted by a qualified private investigator can find out whether a business or person is using a fictitious business name, is using fraud, is hiding assets, or has multiple judgments or a track record of fraud against them. Knowing this can not only help you in court but can also give you the information and facts that you need to do everyday business.
Types of Asset Investigations and What They Uncover
Corporate Asset Search 

  • Corporate officers, members and other responsibleassociates                        
  • Real estate and deeds                             
  • Available mortgage information                    
  • Current contact information (addresses and phone numbers)                       

Individual Asset Search

  • Real estate and deeds                                                    
  • Bankruptcie
  • Available mortgage information                                  
  •  Criminal Records      

Other types of asset searches
Liabilities (judgment, liens and bankruptcy search), civil/criminal record search and missing person search. For more types of asset investigations, contact a private investigator in your area

Do I need an asset investigation? Here's a simple way to tell:

  • Are you employed? Do you own a business? Do you do any business with any companies or people? An asset check can let you know what a person's or company's assets are like. This can tell you what their financial status is. If you work for a company or doing business with someone, it is crucial to know the state of their assets. This is simply the only way you know whether someone is financially trustworthy or not.​
  • Are you owed money? If yes, an asset check or asset investigation can tell you whether there's any point in going to court to get your money back. If someone has claimed that they cannot pay you, an asset investigation can tell you whether this is the case. If you want to go to small claims court or a collection agency, an asset investigation can tell you how many collectable assets of person or business has and where you stand in relation to other creditors who may be suing the same debtor.
  • Are you the victim of fraud? If someone is not paying you because they claim they do not have the money, an asset check can quickly reveal whether they are being honest. An asset investigation can give you the proof you need to show that someone has assets that they are simply not declaring.
  • Pre/Post Employment Investigation  
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Insurance Claims Investigation Services
  • Missing person tracing

Why should you conduct a background check?


The whole of Indian Penal Code and criminal procedure code and the law of evidence are based of substantive proof. The success of a legal action may turn on the quality of the information held by each party. Our principals and key personnel have that experience. Our service is totally supportive to obtain the desired result of legal remedy.

We can assist with the gathering and presentation of evidence for a range of proceedings: tribunals, regulatory, civil and criminal actions. Evidence is obtained on behalf of our client ensuring that its provenance is accurate and admissible in the relevant jurisdiction.

Corporate Espionage

Market Survey

Background Verification

Due Diligence

Reality Detection has a specialised team for the undercover operation. We have deployed uncountable numbers of Undercover Operation agents in various companies throughout India. Reality Detection has a huge experience in deploying agents for Undercover Operation.

Under this program, Reality plants its professionals into a Client Company at various hierarchical levels to decipher the root cause of all anti-management activities, leakage of information, thefts, sabotage, production losses/wastages, and any other inside information that needs to be known. We discreetly report all illegal activities directly to the client. None of the information will ever be reported to the managers or supervisors or even security that might be involved.

Market and survey researchers of CII gather informationstohelp the companies to understand what types of products people want and at what price and also help companies to market their products to the people most likely to buy them.

It also gathers statistical data on competitors and examining prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution
andanalyze data on past sales to predict future sales.

  • Litigation Support
  • Market Survey
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Support Services 
Background check

At present Cyber Crime has become a real threat in every country as well as in India. Reality Detection has appointed trained IT Engineers & IT Lawyers for its Cyber
Crimeinvestigation Department. It deals with the offence related to the computer, computer systems, computer network, computer devices, computer resource, andInternet. If Your Pc or system has been hacked, We are there to reveal when, where and how you have been hacked and to distinguish the culprit

Pre/Post Employment Investigation

Undercover Agent

Surveillance is a very important aspect of Private Investigation. A persons activities are noted along with all the necessary relevant information which is always extremely beneficial to Corporate Houses as well as Individuals. The act of surveillance can be done by anyone, but

Professional surveillance can make the difference when trying to gain information on a suspect or situation. Reality Detection is having huge exposure in the field of surveillance. We have a very strong and experience team with both male and female investigators for surveillance.The company has own bikes and four Wheelers for Surveillance.

Insurance Claim Invetigation
Litigation Support

The company conducts investigations of a person's criminal and personal history for employers, financial institutions, government agencies, spouses, and others who request this information. As a part of our 11 years of experience, you are confident that Reality Detection a specialised background investigation company. Background Checks and Background Investigations are an internal part of the many services we offer.

  • Corporate Filings
  • Bankruptcies
  • Registration information for any associated motor vehicles                                
  • Judgments

Missing Person Tracing

Reality Detection is renowned in Kolkata for Due Diligence investigation. A due diligence investigation is more than a background check. It is a dossier regarding an individual or a group of individuals.
Investigative due diligence is an essential service for organisations and investors concerned about the unknown dimensions of a potential acquisition, investment or business relationship
When Due Diligence Investigations should be performed:
Hiring a key employee or employees

  • Creating a partnership with another, or beginning a business with another
  • Loaning substantial money. Banks have special due diligence needs
  • Engaging a new vendor that may be central to operations or obligations.
  • Engaging with or purchasing a franchise, or choosing a franchise operation to franchise your business
  • When a decision is being made to do business with entities or individuals outside of the country.​

Our professionals determine the necessary scope of our due diligence research and provide clients with the most meaningful information available, alerting clients to risks, disclosure issues and potential negotiation points.

Asset search investigation

Under cover agent


There are many reasons why a company or individual ask for this type of service. Most of those reasons have to do with employment, court proceedings or personal matters:
1. Employment. Employers want to know about the character and work histories of potential hires. Having more information on an applicant can help an employer determine whether an individual would be a good fit for the company. This may be in
case of Schools, Banks, Hospitals as well as any Establishments where they want to know whether the potential applicants can be trusted.
2.Court Proceedings. Civil and criminal court records are rich with background information. For instance, divorce records contain information on the number of dependent children a couple has and lists a couple's assets, debts, property owned and income earned, among other things. Employers are most interested in finding out whether a person has a criminal background. Criminal court records offer information such as the type of crime a person committed, whether the charge was a misdemeanour or felony, whether the person was incarcerated or placed on probation, and the length of time a person served in prison. While most people do not want to bring up their criminal past, especially if they are applying for a job, court records will reveal what they would rather not discuss.
3. Personal Matters. Many times people rely on word-of-mouth or promotional material to determine a company's reputation instead of conducting their own background check before they do business with representatives of a company. In some instances, people are looking for business opportunities and want to partner with someone to operate a business. A background check of a potential business partner may find that the person has had a string of business failures. Doing a background check on someone who is selling a business may answer the main questions of why does this person want to get rid of his business and whether or not the business has been profitable. A background check on you.  

In the event that someone wants to conduct an investigation on you, make sure that you are aware of the company or individual doing the checking. If you have not recently applied for a job or discussed financial matters with your bank, be leery of anyone who wants to conduct a one on you. The person may be trying to steal your identity. Ask for their name and the company which they represent. If you feel uncomfortable about the situation, do not give the person permission to conduct a background investigation and do not give out any of your personal information or your Social Security Number. 

Insurance Claims Investigation 

  We also deal in the field of Insurance Claims Investigation Services. This includes conducting investigations that pertain to insurance claims as well as insurance frauds. Our team has experience of plenty of cases in past where we found that many frauds claim the money from insurance company on false documents. Our separate team specializes in handling insurance claims investigation helping clients in identifying fraudulent activities. We not only help in identifying fraudulent insurance cases but also help customers in solving the same. 

  • Asset search investigation      
  • Cyber Crime
  • Undercover Agent  
  • Surveillance/activity check

Litigation Support

  • Collection of Debt Matters
  • Collecting Unpaid Child Support  
  • Divorce Cases


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Cyber Crime

This service of ours ensures locating anyone who are missing, & could be relatives, heirs, witnesses, debtors, spouses, defendants, frauds or runaways. Reality Detection is renowned in Kolkata in tracing the dangerous Defaulters. We help our clients in locating the culprits who have fled from the crime scene. We are backed by highly experienced investigators who are able to locate the missing Defaulters within the stipulated time span. Our skilled & well trained investigators help our clients in locating these absconding People. Our wide network of contacts and intensive search capabilities allow us to track down persons missing for any length of time. We have an excellent record of tracking down persons who have been missing for long time. When you hire us to track down a missing person, it does not matter if their track has gone cold, we will find them for you.

Employment Investigation

A background check can provide an in-depth history or insight into a subject’s known and unknown histories. A background investigation is conducting a search of an individual's public and private life. The information obtained for a background check comes from public records or from the local administration. For instance, when a person buys a house, the location of the real estate, the cost of the property, and the names and addresses of the buyers and sellers are recorded in the office of a county Registrar of Deeds. Another example is a person's driving history. A driver’s record is on file at a state Department of Motor Vehicle office. The public driving record will show how many point violations a person has accumulated, whether that person's license has previously been suspended or revoked, and whether that person has been arrested for drunken driving. 

Adultery / Divorce Investigation

 We do pre & present employment verification for the corporate, business, Industrial needs. It's estimated that up over 40% of resumes can contain false or tweaked information. So employers want to insure the genunity of an employee. Present employee verification helps to control sabotage and attrition rate.

We have a dedicated team for Pre & present employment investigation. They are highly experienced and well equipped to undertake the assignment confidentially and wisely. We have devised a special package which covers the following aspects
            Criminal records verifications
            Real reasons for change of job
            Performance in previous assignments
            Fake Company verification

Missing Person

If you are married and you suspect your significant other, you are experiencing the worst. Someone confirming the affair is not enough. You will need documentation that can be taken to trial if you make the decision to divorce. Documentation is the most important part of your case. Having a thorough report, an explanation of video, and still photography evidence can help you with your presentation of the facts.
We have a dedicated team for Adultery Investigation. They are highly experienced and well equipped to undertake the assignment confidentially and wisely. We have devised a special package which covers the following aspects.
The best way to determine whether your partner is cheating on you is to conduct surveillance on them when they are away from you. First, we will work with you to establish an investigative plan that meets the needs of your unique situation. Our investigators will follow your partner and obtain videotape footage of their activities and any associates. You will receive the footage on a video CD at the close of the case that, along with the investigative report, serves as an accurate and clear representation of what occurred during surveillance. You will almost feel as though you were there yourself.

Surveillance/activity check

  • Habits (Drinking, Smoking & Spending)
  • ​Educational Qualification
  • ​Financial Status
  • ​​Social Status


 Address verification
 Family / financial background

Background Check

 Corporate Espionage is not something to be taken lightly and is very much a factor in today’s high-stakes competitive business world. Reality Detection has an expert team to conduct investigations for corporate espionage. These involve both external and internal investigations for corporate clients. We help you to bring all malicious activities into a light so that effective actions can be taken.

Our staff will assist to find out:

  •  What information is being leaked
  •  Who is responsible for the theft, damage or security breach
  •  Who is the perpetrator within the company.
  •  All evidence which can be gathered and used in a court of law

Sometimes, the competitor's plans, strategies, moves, takeovers need to be effectively scanned, so that the clients do not fall in danger in future. 


Pre Matrimonial Investigation

In Kolkata, a very few Investigation agencies provide mystery shopping investigation. Reality Detection has a powerful team of Mystery Shopper. A mystery shopper is hired to investigate customer service and employee honesty at a business. A secret shopper poses as a customer or client and tries to find out whether employees at a specific business are honest and helpful. When you have doubts over your employees for not working according to the rules and regulations of your organisation and for doing unwanted and illegal buying or selling activities, Mystery Shopping investigation can show you the reality. If you are in doubt about your employee's dealings and business policies you may take the assistance of our Mystery Shopping investigation department. 

We offer a variety of services which are carried out by well-trained, equipped and motivated personnel. They are monitored on an hourly basis by line supervisors. Our services are as follows:

Service Offering

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